Welcome to the Cupboard to Creativity Challenge Project. All videos have been posted to our Facebook page throughout the year.


PDF: January 2019
PDF: January 2019 Update

February to March

PDF: February 2019
PDF: February 2019 Update

March to April

PDF: March 2019
PDF: March 2019 Update

April to May

PDF: April 2019
PDF: April 2019 Update

May to June

PDF: May 2019
PDF: May 2019 Update

June to July

PDF: June 2019
PDF: June 2019 Update

July to August

PDF: July 2019
PDF: July 2019 Update

August to September

PDF: August 2019
PDF: August 2019 Update

September to October

PDF: September 2019
PDF: September 2019 Update

October to November

PDF: October 2019
PDF: October 2019 Update

November to December

PDF: November 2019
PDF: November 2019 Update
PDF: December 2019
PDF: December 2019 Update