It has been a while since I posted here. I have been working hard and have posted through my Facebook group page Quilt Therapy Qld, where you can see the monthly videos I have been doing for my challenge for this year – a Row by Row quilt, working to a different theme each month – I am also working on other video tutorials that I hope to bring to you soon. Here are 2 completed tops this year so far:)


As you read this I hope you are managing to stay well and finding plenty of time to quilt.

I have been busy teaching and creating and here wanted to share how I approach working on the many projects I do as “Gifting quilts” which I then donate to various organizations.

I create quilts from my own fabric or the fabric others have given me that is left over from their projects, or because they are downsizing and know they won’t get to use it!  Some of these projects allow me to play with a whole mixture of different pieces in size and colour, and my challenge is to bring them together into quilts that I would be happy enough to receive myself.  You see, I believe that if I am making a quilt for someone, even if I don’t personally know them, I want the recipient to feel they are loved, and that the gift brings they joy.

I have seen too many scrap quilts that have been thrown together without thought of colour placement, the type of fabric being used or the  design, and when this is the mindset – “I just want to use up these fabrics” it is easy to create a product that is just a jumble and uninteresting, particularly if dress fabrics are added to the mix.

Alternatively, when care is taken to select a design that suits the fabrics, care is taken considering the placement of colour to allow secondary patterns to emerge, and thought is given to the size of the pieces being used, it is possible to make some fabulous quilts that inspire and uplift those who receive them.

If making for someone you know, whilst making the quilt, think of that person, their likes and dislikes, or is the quilt to celebrate a special event, then let the design represent that. If the quilt is for someone who is unwell, think of what would cheer them up and bring that into your quilt making. If you are making a “Gifting quilt” for someone you don’t know, imagine what it would be like to receive a quilt from someone you don’t know. Think  about how it would that make you feel if you received one, think about what size would you consider useful then create a quilt that gives you the same feeling and purpose.

There is also something special about finishing the work of a dear friend who lost their battle with serious illness, or through an accident could no longer quilt. To complete their work then gifting those finished pieces back to them, or their family, makes the work involved all worth while.

It is with gratitude that I say a huge THANK YOU to those people who support the Quilt Therapy work around “Gifting quilts”, who have assisted with funding toward the wadding, or have provided some of the fabric and wadding needed for these projects. The wadding and the quilting are the biggest expense after fabric, and it is often this final stage that has to wait until the time or funds are available to complete them.

Together we can make a difference and bring a smile to someone’s day.

Happy Quilting…… Jan P.