Regrettably, with the drought conditions on our property and current social environment, we have put our retreats on hold. If you wish to be advised as soon as changes occur, contact Jan and ask to be put on the email Retreat list.


Creative, Wholistic, Quilting with Fun, Food & Laughter


The groups and quilting retreats in Brisbane (Grandvale) that we run through Quilt Therapy are all about nurturing the whole person, through good food, lots of laughter, developing skills, being creative and having a lot of fun. Our farm at Grandvale is a wonderful place to relax, get away from the usual hustle and bustle of life, and enjoy the simple things in life surrounded by caring and like-minded souls.



Quilt Therapy Retreats provide classes to cater to all levels of quilting skill, from total beginner to advanced quilters. Whether you’re going it alone, or want a weekend away with friends or your quilting group, we can cater to your needs and ensure you have a weekend full of laughter, learning and relaxation in the company of like-minded individuals. Jan’s aim is to hone your skills, and provide a deeper understanding of yourself through the process of quilting. Quilting offers insights into many areas of life, and the skills and processes you learn through quilting can benefit your life outside of quilting. Whether you’re just starting in the art of quilting, or have developed quilting skills, Jan will be able to help you on your journey and our retreats will leave you refreshed, relaxed and ready to head back into life.



Get out of the hustle and bustle of everyday life, and enjoy a weekend away reconnecting with yourself and nature. In fact, you don’t even have to be a quilter to enjoy our retreats, feel free to bring whatever craft you wish to work on along for the weekend. There is no pressure to achieve an outcome over the weekend, our retreats are provided to give you rest, relaxation, great company and fine food. If you’re keen to get away from everyday life and reconnect to the simple things, simply click on the button at the bottom of this page to get in contact with Jan and book your next retreat.


Quilt Therapy retreats are both nurturing and caring in nature. Retreats are run informally, with full time tutor assistance available from after breakfast until late in the night, so you can relax and unwind, and create your masterpiece at your own pace with Jan’s expert guidance along the way. Our relaxed and creative home will allow you to easily create new friendships and nurture existing ones. Join the Quilt Therapy family at one of our retreats to discover how quilting can help you.



All our retreats are fully catered, so you can unwind, relax and focus on what you want whilst on retreat. We provide wholesome, nourishing and healthy meals using our own and local produce. Join your hosts Jan and Peter (and their offsider Monty) for fine food, good company, and a nurturing weekend where you can relax and remember the joys held in the simple things in life.

Secure Your Place at Our Next Retreat

Quilt Therapy retreats run from Friday afternoon to mid afternoom Sunday at Grandvale, approximately 45 mins from Brisbane. To join Jan, Peter and Monty on an upcoming retreat, simply click on the button below now to get in touch with Jan and get details of our next available retreats.


We look forward to welcoming you to your next retreat!

Jan & Peter Phillips